What Is Winching?

Call us for pull-out services in Salisbury and Statesville, NC

When off-roading has you stuck in the mud or you find yourself in a ditch after swerving off the road, you need a professional to pull your vehicle out. Twisted Cable Towing offers reliable winching services in the Statesville and Salisbury, NC area. Call 704-267-4002 when you need professional winching services. We’ll pull you out of the mud, snow or ditch in no time.

If you’re in a ditch, we may not be able to spot your car from the road. When you need winching services, it’s important to give our towing service a detailed description of your vehicle’s location. A description of your location is also important because we need to know what kind of equipment is required. Just call us, tell us where you are and we’ll be there right away to help!

Choose a winching service with years of experience and top-quality equipment

You don’t want to call any winching service to pull your vehicle out of a sticky situation. Twisted Cable Towing has the skills and equipment necessary to pull your vehicle out safely and efficiently without damaging your car in the process. Contact us today to request winching services in the Salisbury or Statesville, NC area.